Juan Pablo Avila

Digital Marketing Specialist

I am an experienced profesional with a proven track record in SEO, SEM, marketing automations and social media management. I have demonstrated expertise in optimizing online presence and driving busines growth. Curently immersed in a master’s program to stay at the forefront of digital marketing trends, I am actively pursuing a role that presents challenges and learning opportunities, particularly in the realms of inbound marketing and the dynamic field of analytics.

+ Skills

The Formula

My extent knowledge of Business Analysis helps me understand how a company runs it’s business. Therefore I can effectively comunicate the value proposition of a company.

I strategically navigate the customer journey, intertwining engagement tactics and lead generation strategies to captivate our audience at every stage. Embracing inbound marketing principles, I prioritize building authentic connections and delivering valuable content that resonates with the brand target market.

+ Tools

Email automation
Graphic & Video editing
SEO audit
Marketing Analytics



Web 3.0

Recent Projects


Development of Static, Dynamic and eCommerce Websites with optimized SEO strategies and attractive copies.

Social Media

I’m able to provide and engage with a variety of content, give high quality customer service and interact with any given community in a natural manner.

Content Creation

Keeping myself updated allows to deliver my work with the lastest trends and best practices existent in the online world.

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